I Have an Editor Confession to Make

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I have to make a confession. I am a hardcore Vim addict. I start using it 10 years ago when I worked on servers and needed to edit files without a mouse. I spent hours connected to these system and learned to use Vim on the command line. I can’t get away from it now. I have so much muscle memory learned with the keyboard shortcuts that I feel handicapped without them in other programs.

I’m not alone. I’m not the only Vim user out there. Among programmers and engineers you will find many who use it. Vim-like keyboard shortcuts crop up in lots of places. Gmail keyboard shortcuts, for example, are remarkably vim-like. Use j to move up, k to move down, g-i to navigate to the inbox and g-s to see starred messages. g-d goes to drafts. Google Calendar also has similar shortcuts.

I highly recommend Vim if you want to learn a crazy efficient editor. Your life will be changed but it takes a lot of practice. I always show PyCharm in my screenshots because it is so user-friendly. Actually, I use PyCharm much of the time to edit Python scripts because PyCharm has…drumroll please… vim-like keyboard shortcuts.